Baddest Blend is a seasoning company created by Darren Holloman. Baddest Blend specializes in great-tasting seasoning blends without unnecessary additives. Flavors have always been important to Darren and when cooking, he would use many of the herbs and spices that he had in his pantry to up come with his own excitingly delicious blends. With encouragement from Darren's partner, Baddest Blend Seasoning Blends launched in January 2020.
Baddest Blend originally started with five blends which are: All Purpose, Chicken, Taco, Carolina BBQ and Savory. Since Baddest Blend's debut, there have been six more seasoning blends added to the family. They are Stir Fry, Adobo, Sazón, Jerk, Steak and Seafood. All of the seasoning blends can be used universally on meats and veggies. There is still more room to grow, with the mission statement “Give Your Taste Buds Some Excitement,” new ideas are in the works to meet everyone’s flavor goals. An exciting expansion to the family will include Salt-Free options of all the same seasoning blends for those who want and/or need to watch their sodium intake.